How We Work

Camarco is a Limited Liability Company and is employee owned; each client is very important to us all as individuals. We pride ourselves on having specialist knowledge of sector issues and solutions and as such, we will only hire the most exceptional people with very specific experience and skill sets to ensure that Camarco clients get the best possible advice and service in the market.

The company has four key values which are brought to life through systems. These are:

  • Integrity
  • Discipline
  • Proactivity
  • Client focus


Camarco has a number of committees to ensure integrity lives within the Company. The Engagements Committee sits prior to the appointment of any client for either project or retained work. It is made up of Geoffrey Pelham-Lane, Ed Gascoigne-Pees and Billy Clegg. The Conflicts Committee sits prior to pitching for a client for either project or retained work. It is made up of Geoffrey Pelham-Lane and Billy Clegg. The Nominations Committee sits prior to the appointment of any future colleague to review the extensive interview process. It is made up of Geoffrey Pelham-Lane and Louise Dolan.


The Engagement Committee ensures that we do not take on any work in a situation and sector where we aren’t highly experienced. Forgive us in advance if we conclude that we are not the best people in the market to help.

Camarco is well governed and has a functioning board and management structure with Geoffrey Pelham-Lane being the CEO and Ed Gascoigne-Pees ACA, being the CFO.


Proactive client service is built into the Camarco business through client service systems, balances and checks, including best practice ideas forums, client review systems, team on team checks, daily monitoring and market intelligence feedback report rules.

Client Focus

All the partners and employees, all of whom are shareholders, understand that the fundamental success of this business is down to clients being impressed with the service and advice they are given. At Camarco, CLIENTS COME FIRST.

Global Affiliate Network

Camarco’s clients operate all over the world and as a result we have built a network of trusted, like minded, culturally similar businesses to serve our client’s needs should crises occur in country.  Please see the map which outlines the global reach of our clients and of our affiliate network. Click on the map to see in more detail.


Camarco are a highly experienced team who are always on hand to provide consistently great IR and PR advice. They handled our IPO very successfully.


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