CAMARCO | Camarco appoints Frank Krikhaar as Head of ESG
Camarco is a financial and corporate communications consultancy which provides advice to help its clients meet their business objectives and succeed.
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Camarco appoints Frank Krikhaar as Head of ESG

Camarco appoints Frank Krikhaar as Head of ESG

‘We’re delighted to appoint Frank Krikhaar as Head of ESG, as we continue to invest in this increasingly important area.  Frank brings more than a decade of experience in ESG and sustainability, focusing particularly on effective communications.  Working across all sectors, he will strengthen our ability to advise our clients to navigate this fast evolving space.’

Geoffrey Pelham-Lane, CEO, Camarco


Capital Market Communications Limited (“Camarco”), the financial and corporate communications consultancy, is pleased to announce the appointment of Frank Krikhaar as Head of its ESG practice.  Frank has extensive experience advising boards, leaders and executive teams of UK and global businesses around ESG and sustainability, particularly focusing on impactful communications.

Working both in-house and as a consultant, he has a proven track record of delivering sustained change across environmental, social and governance issues through successfully engaging a range of internal and external audiences. As a previous Head of Sustainability as well as Director of Consulting, he’s helped to develop and deliver ambitious ESG and sustainability strategies, programmes, partnerships and communications, including ESG Reports, regulatory and disclosure standard disclosures.

Frank has worked across a range of sectors, including FMCG, industrials, financial services, media, technology and energy. At Camarco, he will bring his strong expertise, wide-ranging experience and his entrepreneurial attitude to further enhance clients’ reputations.

5 July 2021



Geoffrey Pelham-Lane

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