CAMARCO | Our Practices
Camarco is a financial and corporate communications consultancy which provides advice to help its clients meet their business objectives and succeed.
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Our Practices


Financial PR

A strong reputation in the City drives a superior valuation.


We work with a broad range of companies advising them on communicating their strategic priorities, financial performance and decision making to their shareholders, sell-side analysts and the financial media.


This spans all forms of corporate activity from financial calendar communications, to M&A, to IPOs, to investor activism. We have worked on some of the most complex transactions and IPOs over the last five years and are market leaders in advising both companies and investors on investor activism campaigns.


Billy Clegg

Investor Relations

Gaining the support of shareholders is business critical.


We provide our clients with strategic investor relations advice anchored in the many years of experience within our IR team which is made up of former asset managers, sell-side analysts, accountants and buy-side analysts. Gaining the support of shareholders at important strategic moments in a company’s evolution can be the difference between meeting strategic goals and failing to. We understand the corporate issues facing our clients and have unique insights into the issues shaping tomorrow’s investor agenda. Our dedicated team helps our clients navigate these issues and connect and gain the trust of their shareholders.


Geoffrey Pelham-Lane


Gaining the support of business partners, customers, regulators, political influencers and industry decision makers is business critical.


We have a dedicated team of senior advisers, led by former heads of comms of FTSE 100 companies to help our clients increase understanding of their businesses and strategies to business critical counter-parties, whether it be business partners, customers, regulators, political influencers and industry decision makers.


The team designs campaigns for some of the biggest global companies helping them articulate their visions and key points of difference, through business transformations in some rapidly evolving industries. Their advice adds tangible value.


Louise Dolan


ESG & sustainability enhance your corporate reputation, visibility and access to capital in the market


We have a dedicated team of ESG experts with more than 15 years’ experience at the forefront of sustainability. The team provides strategic ESG and sustainability advice to business in order to enhance their engagement with all stakeholders. For us, this means making sure that ESG and sustainability run through your equity story to connect with existing and new audiences, enhance your corporate reputation, and boost your access to capital in the market, from liquidity, ratings to valuation.


Our team benchmarks your existing ESG approach and communications against your peers and analyses your core audience expectations. We then formulate recommendations to improve your ESG and sustainability materiality, strategy & targets, narrative, positioning and messaging, rating and reporting disclosures, stakeholder engagement and communication assets such as Reports, Datasheets, Factsheets and Corporate Presentations.


Frank Krikhaar

Internal Communications

In most businesses, and certainly in Camarco, colleagues are the most important asset.


Our dedicated team of internal communications specialists help our clients motivate their people, in most cases, the priority asset in the businesses. We advise clients through sector changes, business transformations, restructurings, and changes of strategy, capturing and enhancing the power of the people in the business. We are used to working with change consultants, HR and internal comms teams in all these situations.


Ben Woodford

Debt Restructuring and Litigation

The complex world of debt restructuring needs specialist skills to navigate.


Our specialist team of debt restructuring experts has advised on some of the largest and most high profile debt restructurings over the last five years. This extremely specialist world requires a keen understanding of balance sheet structures, the objectives of different sets of creditors and the debt media. Our team of former accountants and a former debt specialist journalists know the dynamics, media and issues to help our clients navigate the most complex of debt restructurings. We act for both corporates and creditors.


Ed Gascoigne-Pees


Changing perceptions opinions through campaigns.


We have a campaigns team headed by Marie Sterry, a former Grey Advertising executive. We work with a broad range of companies facing differing issues, striving to meet their unique objectives. We design and execute bespoke campaigns to either launch or gain greater attention for an initiative, address a pressing issue, reach a wider audience or to influence the dialogue around a company or theme.


Our campaigns team are multi-audience specialists, and take a holistic approach to changing both broad opinions, or the opinions of a very specific group to reach a corporate objective. Their work encompasses stakeholder mapping, media relations, research, design, digital communications and execution.


Marie Sterry


Effective crisis communications can be the difference between a company surviving or not.


Our crisis management team is made up of some of the most experienced communications professionals in the market. The team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to respond to major corporate crises, whether it be the Grenfell Tower Fire, a major industrial accident, the death of a director, or a major intervention from a regulatory body.


The crisis team has the experience to be truly objective. It advises clients on crisis readiness ensuring that when and if the unimaginable happens, the systems, structures and procedures are in place to swiftly respond, with a tone which is appropriate and with content that will reassure and not become the problem of the future.


Ginny Pulbrook


Understanding rapidly changing digital reputations is critical to 21st century business risk management.


Understanding the digital footprint of your business and the live dynamics of a digital reputation is now a business critical risk and opportunity which needs to be engaged with and enhanced. Our specialist digital team has decades of experience from within No10 through to advising some of the largest, most contentious brands globally. The team is supported by a significant investment in AI which helps us build an online picture of digital footprints and understand the key digital influencers, enabling the team to best advise our clients 24/7.


Lloyd Nicely


In today’s interconnected world every tech company needs to think about influencing investors, customers, talent and regulators, often at the same time.


Whether you are scaling-up, a unicorn preparing for IPO or a multi-national, Camarco’s technology team has the experience and expertise to provide your company with business-critical communications support. We help our clients grow and support them through every stage of their journey, providing the right services, at the right time across our global office network, which includes London, New York, San Francisco, Shanghai, Berlin, Tel Aviv and more.


We know the journalists, politicians, regulators and influencers that matter and can help shape campaigns and communications programs to achieve your objectives.


Marc Cohen