CAMARCO | Lloyd Nicely
Camarco is a financial and corporate communications consultancy which provides advice to help its clients meet their business objectives and succeed.
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Lloyd Nicely

Lloyd Nicely

Head of Digital


For over a decade Lloyd has provided strategic advice and consultancy to a wide range of listed and private companies, helping his clients to create and hone effective and compelling experiences online, and ensure impactful messaging and engagement cross-channel (and gain a few awards along the way).


Lloyd has worked across a range of sectors including retail, natural resources, technology, healthcare and financial services. Key clients have included Moonpig Group, Merlin Entertainments, Hybrid Air Vehicles, Centrica, Harbour Energy, Barclays, Avast, BT and Allergy Therapeutics.


Before joining Camarco, Lloyd was a Digital Director at Emperor, which he joined in 2016, and prior to that an Account Director at Wardour and also Addison Group (now known as Superunion).